July 5, 2020    links

  • How McKinsey Helps Companies Avoid Responsibility link

    • McKinsey started as a business that sold candid, dispassionate advice to corporate managers, but selling advice and building a brand around it also sets up a mechanism for diffusing responsibility. The managers can say they’re just following the best available advice, and the consultants can say they’re just trying to help their clients boost profits and efficiency.
  • Newsletter Stack link is a directory of newsletters grouped by learning topics like COVID-19, Philosophy, Design, Wellness, etc.

  • Working from Home Temporarily - Free EBook

    • Take Control of Working from Home Temporarily is a free 66-page book tailored for the sudden onset of telecommuting. It’s our way of trying to help. We advise you on how to stake out a space to work, how to equip it either with material you already have or what to buy if you can afford to invest in the space. Do you want to stand or sit? (Get a better chair or a laptop or monitor riser.) Should you get an external monitor if you don’t have one? (Yes!)