Notes - 28th March 2018

March 28, 2018    things-learnt

  • Idea Sandbox I see this linked from Derek Sivers article and bookmarking it. Seems to be a repository of problem-solving articles and creative tools. Here is an example of PMI decision making method, from one of the articles:

    PMI Method

    A third way to examine choices is the PMI Method, invented by Edward de Bono. PMI is an acronym for Plus, Minus, Interesting. It takes the Scored Pro & Con a step further by forcing us to think about “what is interesting” about the choice.

    Plus are the pros. What’s good about the idea.

    Minus are the cons, the bad points of the idea. And finally,

    Interesting. What is interesting? What are the possibilities?

    This chart is especially handy when brainstorming and you have ideas that are not a pro or a con. Rather, ideas interesting to think about. To calculate your PMI score add up your (Plus) + (Minus) + (Interesting) scores. Items in the “interesting” column can score as a plus or a minus depending on the implication of the thought.

  • Derek Sivers Blog Post - Detailed dreams blind you to new means.

    New technologies make old things easier, and new things possible. That’s why you need to re-evaluate your old dreams to see if new means have come along. Some actors move to Hollywood hoping to get noticed. Others use every new outlet to make themselves unavoidable.

    Some authors are just waiting for a publisher to sign them. Others are getting rich just self-publishing.

    You need to distinguish between what is your real goal, and what are the unnecessary details. Don’t let the details distract you from your goal.

    For each of your dreams, occasionally ask yourself what was the real point. Then look for a better way to get to that point.

    Let go of out-dated dreams that keep you from noticing what’s here now.