Reasonable Ignorance

October 23, 2019    notes investing

Reasonable Ignorance is a useful bias, according to Morgan Housel.

What is it?

Intentionally limiting your diligence in order to avoid decision paralysis in a world where everything, if you dig deep enough, is more complicated than it seems.

Quoting Brent Beshore’s post - Investors and Operators - Lessons i’ve learned from both worlds:

All Businesses are loosely functioning disasters, and some are profitable despite it.

At 30,000 feet, the world is beautiful and orderly. On the ground, it’s chaotic and confusing. Nothing ever goes to plan. Surprises lurk around every corner. Things are constantly breaking. Someone is always upset. Mistakes are made daily. Expecting anything less is being out of touch with reality. And remember, just because you’re now aware of it doesn’t change reality. It was that way before, you just didn’t realize it.