Always Be Quitting

June 10, 2021    career advice

Julio Merino has a useful philosophy on how to think about career growth. He says A good philosophy to live by at work is to “always be quitting”. No, don’t be constantly thinking of leaving your job. But act as if you might leave on short notice

Paradoxically, by being disposable, you free yourself. You make it easier for yourself to grow into a higher-level role and you make it easier for yourself to change the projects you work on. He suggests 10 specific things one can do:

📕 Document your knowledge.

🏁 Document your long-term plans.

🤝 Document your meetings. Keep (public, within the team) notes for all meetings you attend, listing who was there, what was discussed, and any conclusions.

🚶♂️Bring others to meetings. If not a 1-on-1.

🔧 Train people around you.

🎓 Identify and train your replacement.

🔑 Give power to the people. Trust them to do the right thing.

📧 Do not make yourself the point of contact. Establish mailing lists.

💼 Delegate.

🏫 Always be learning.