Becoming a successful Technical Leader

February 1, 2021    career cto tech-lead

  1. If you are already a Technical Lead or want to know how to become a Technical Lead, it’s your job to educate and improve yourself on all the aspects of this role. Being good at software development is an obvious basis, but it’s not enough.

Thankfully, you can learn most of the required Tech Lead responsibilities and skills from books, blogs, or talks and start practicing them right away.

The are only two questions you should ask yourself:

  • Which Tech Lead skills should I focus on?

  • What are the best resources for each skill?

This guide is the answer to both. It’s a collection of the most effective resources on the various aspects of tech leadership, which, combined with mindful practice, will help you to become a successful Tech Lead!

  1. A curated and opinionated list of resources for Chief Technology Officers and VP R&D, with the emphasis on startups and hyper-growth companies.

  2. A curated list for software developers to transition to an engineering management role.